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What's the key to building your LinkedIn profile, getting organisations and Recruiters to find you?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

1) Put a LIKE on a post that interests you and comment, just a one-liner, perhaps - why you liked the post or share your thoughts etc

2) Write a new post - ask for help or support, or even sell yourself a little (no need for war & peace) keep it short. For example - I have just relocated to Surrey and I have 10 years experience in production management within the automotive industry. Available asap and able to commute - look forward to connecting with anyone who is recruiting at the moment

3) Now LIKE your own post after you have published it

4) Keep applying for jobs as the algorithm will then expose you more to recruiters

5) You could also support someone else, share their post and make a comment as to why you shared their post, again this is giving you more exposure and showing your collaborative nature. Just 1 share a day is sufficient, don't over do it

6) Keep connecting, daily!

I can't stress enough that participation is the key to working, connecting and networking on LinkedIn

If you need your LinkedIn profile upgraded, get in touch, we offer Linkedin upgrades as part of our package options too

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