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CV Writing

You need a CV that really shows off your skillset & achievements and gets you past ATS and AI protocols.

You need to understand how to negotiate the local job market, which online job boards to use and how to engage with Recruitment Agencies and you need to know what being proactive really means when you are in the market for a new opportunity!


You have probably heard of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and AI, you also need to have your CV optimised with keywords, correct formats and terminology in order to get through ATS and get your CV in front of the right person.

At Bright Light CVs we can help. With over 15 years of recruitment experience across various sectors, we know how to tailor your CV to your skillset and showcase your strengths. We can also upgrade your LinkedIn profile and show you how to maximise your social media footprint whilst looking for a new work opportunity/challenge.  We know what Recruiters expect, we know how they work, we can help you gain an understanding on how best to build your relationships with them.  Makes sense doesn't it?

We have crafted CVs across a very wide range of sectors & job roles both UK & internationally.  

Our service is not based on a “template” approach and purely reformatting your CV to make it look pretty, it's all about the content, the impact & the terminology.  It is about ease of reading & quickly grasping what your experience, skillset & ability comprises.  It is about sharing what you are good at, what excites you and what you can do for your next employer.

You’ll find our service to be positive & informative; we spend time getting to understand YOU!

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Making Notes


Thank you for your encouragement, positivity and wisdom at a time when I was most vulnerable. You carefully picked out my key achievements, completely revitalised my cv and profile on LinkedIn to showcase the career I felt was in tatters! Facing redundancy was incredibly scary and you were there every step of the way. Thanks to your wonderful caring and professional support I can proudly say I have had so many interviews and have now found the job of my dreams. Thank you 😊


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