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Package Options

Work Desk

Package Option 1

Generated CV

  • We will arrange to give you a call at a convenient time to discuss your skillset, experience etc.  This often results in a lot more information being discovered and discussed, you'll remember things about your achievements and abilities that were long forgotten!

  • The first draft will be emailed to you to check, we can tweak it further and make any adjustments if needed

  • The final CV will then be issued to you in word.doc format so that you can update it again in the future, pdf versions are not ATS friendly, word.doc is always a better option!

Work Desk

Package Option 2

Generated CV & LinkedIn Profile

  • This package includes Option 1 as well, as updating your LinkedIn profile and increasing your LinkedIn footprint. This is a must if you are looking for work in the UK. Option 2 includes setting up job alerts, letting recruiters see that you are in the market & connecting with recruitment agencies for you

  • Advice on Job Boards and uploading your CV

  • Advice on how to manage the Recruitment Agencies that you register with

Work Environment

Package Option 3

Generated CV, LinkedIn Profile & Cover Letter

  •  Cover letters need to be specific to each job role, one size does not fit all

  • We tailor a cover letter to a specific job advert or job description of your choice, you can then use this as support for any further cover letters you may need

  • We do your CV first and once you have a job advert you would like the cover letter for, we can do this at a later stage

  • Note a Cover Letter to a Recruitment Agency is different to a Cover Letter direct to a potential employer, and Cover Letters are often actually, Cover Emails

Working with Laptop

Package Option 4

Reformatted CV

  • Straight forward CV reformat only, we will work with you via email to generate a new CV for you


Package Option 5

LinkedIn Only

  • LinkedIn upgrade to All-Star status

  • Skills update matched to job opportunities

  • Set up of job alerts

  • Building connections for you

  • Privacy setting management

  • Support, advice, guidance on how best to engage on LinkedIn

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